The Laidlaw memorial pipes and drums

                       (‘Banbury Pipe Band’)


   The ‘Laidlaw Memorial Pipes and Drums’ is a re-incarnation of the ‘Banbury and District Caledonian Pipe Band’. It was the brainchild of Piper Richard Jasper, and together with former band-mates Michelle Hall and Andrew Williams, a decision was made to swing the old band back into action................... and, in the name of their bagpipe tutor and his uncle.

                                  English Champions

                                     Drm. Sgt. Clark, MacLean, Clark, MacKay, Jamieson

                                         Morrison, Thomson, Henry, Robson, Thomson,

                             Tarbotten                                                               Thomson

                      Morrison                                                                           Capt. Fortson

               Daily                                                                                                   Miller

        Sutherland                                                                                                       Prebble

     Hall                                                                                                                          Williams

P.M. Duffy                                                                                                                    Pp.Sgt. Jasper

The Laidlaw memorial pipes and drums

   In Memory of two courageous wartime Pipers........

“......for God sake Laidlaw, Pipe the men together......”

   Daniel Laidlaw won the Victoria Cross for gallantry during the first world war at ‘The Battle of Loos’. With a blatant disregard for his own safety and carrying some of his own wounds, Piper Laidlaw was ordered to  play and inspire his comrades into battle, as they were in some disarray after a poisoned gas attack!

   Similarly, Daniel’s nephew John was involved in an incident towards the end of the second world war whilst serving in Burma. Piper Laidlaw was ordered to play as his regiment advanced, in order to somehow ‘rout out’ the enemy! This action is said to have been the last time a Piper was used in battle during the second world war.

Piper John Laidlaw

Piper Daniel Lailaw V.C.

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